Ricochet for Cinema 4D

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Tired of your splines NOT bouncing off of objects?

Unleash the power of splines with Ricochet

Ricochet easily creates looks you’ve never been able to achieve, unlock special effects that would have been tedious or even impossible in the past, and is an entirely new way to think about splines.

This thing is mighty!!! Just started to play around with it a little and I am so impressed by the speed of it. Cinema 4D is all about enabling creativity, Ricochet pushes that even further, opening up a whole new set of possibilities. Ricochet enables looks virtually impossible before.

David Piepenborn - Freelance Designer

Having a lot of fun playing with this plugin! It really opens up some interesting possibilities.

Zak Kelley – Freelance Designer

Want to learn more?

Fill any volume with as many bounces as you want, creating endless effects

Seamlessly integrate into your scenes through generator objects, volume building, Hair, Sketch & Toon, and 3rd party renderers

Create endless FUI interface elements like this head scanning effect

Layer up several Ricochet splines to create more advanced setups

Build all new rigs like this intuitive interactive spider web setup using the unique properties of Ricochet

Create and control advanced VFX rigs like these electrical and lightning effects

Ricochet precalculates its motion, so there’s no frame dependency like a particle system has

See all the Ricochet Training Videos

A walkthrough of all the features of Ricochet found here!

By purchasing Ricochet you agree to the End User License Agreement.

Thanks for supporting Rocket Lasso and happy bouncing!

Chris, Dan, and Joe

-Quantity 1+
  • One copy of Ricochet. Licensed for one tower and one laptop. For C4D R20-R26+.

    2-month money back guarantee
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    105 MB
  • One copy of Ricochet. Licensed for one tower and one laptop. For C4D R20-R26+.
  • ROCKET REFUND POLICY2-month money back guarantee
  • File Size105 MB


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Ricochet for Cinema 4D

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