Slicer for Cinema 4D

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No Mesh is Safe!

Chop up all your meshes with Rocket Lasso’s RKT Slicer! Quickly create a series of parallel cuts into your models that can be returned as splines, flat sheets, extruded layers, or even complex alternating layers. Open up new parametric modeling techniques, create unique FUI elements, and combine Slicer with Cloners & Mograph tools to open up endless possibilities to keep pushing the limits of what you can do in Cinema 4D!

For years there have been questions on Rocket Lasso Live that simply couldn’t be properly answered without the ability to consistently cut geometry and we’re excited to help unlock this ability. Slicer’s long list of features is designed to be intuitive, but not limiting. Lines looking a little rough? Get clean organic curves by applying the Smooth parameter. Inflate or deflate the slices from your mesh via Expand. Offset and loop the cuts automatically via a built-in animated Rate. Drive exactly where the slices are located via a C4D Matrix object for specific placement and advanced animation. Output splines as a single object or as a series of layers, unlocking the ability to colorize each segment using a randomized greyscale, full-spectrum, or even take on the color of a Matrix Object.

RKT Slicer has it’s obvious use cases, which it handles beautifully. But it also opens the door for so many procedural abstract effects that weren’t possible before this plugin.

Dmitry Fedorov – Leviathan

Slicer is going to be one of the must have tools for 3D artists who use C4D to create FUIs.

Andy Needham –

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Use Slicer to generate splines, flat sheets, extruded geometry, or even alternating layers all with bevels.

Pair Slicer with a Cloner and C4D’s Mograph tools to create an even more advanced series of cuts.

See all the Slicer Training Videos

A walkthrough of all the features of Slicer can be found here!

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Thanks for supporting Rocket Lasso and rendering!

Chris, Dan, and Joe

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One copy of Slicer. Licensed for one tower and one laptop. For C4D R20 and above.

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Slicer for Cinema 4D

29 ratings
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